Why Most Models Don’t Make It

The modeling game is a tough industry to win in. When you base all your success on how

English: Melbourne School of Fashion entrance

English: Melbourne School of Fashion entrance (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

you look you got a tough pair of shoes to fill. Models of all walks of life are trying to be the next big thing hoping to get endorsement deals, clothing deals, and many other things that bring fame and money.

Most models don’t have any business sense and get caught up in the glare of modeling. Models today really need to learn how to handle their careers as a business or company. Modeling is a business and if they, the models don’t have a clear understanding that from their looks alone, they won’t be able to have a long lasting career without some form of business sense they will just be another name in the stars.

How to Break Into the Modeling Business (Not Easy) | CosmeticFlair

Beauty tips and advice often include ways to break into the modeling business. While it isn’t easy there are some strategies that are helpful. I emailed a.

Publish Date: 05/09/2013 13:45


Child Modeling Agency Munchkin Stars! – Maureen Jenny Aucone’s

Learn about Child Modeling Agency Munchkin Stars! See if you have what it takes to have your children in the “biz”.

Publish Date: 03/30/2013 10:00


Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency: Season 1 – In the Beginning

Janice’s agency opens with a general casting call from people all over the world. Approximately 500 people respond, and from these, she chooses five to conti…

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Rolling Out Magazines – Millionaire Blue Print

I know most of you read Rolling Outs news paper. If you have read through it like I have you have noticed a section that talks about successful celebrities “Blue Print for RollingOut-Magazine-Millionaire Success”. The short editorial speaks about how some of the successful have arrived at their success which is cool, but the editorial  doesn’t speak to the common man like myself who has to climb up the ladder of success.

Many people have their own story about how they managed to make it in their chosen profession. Truth be told their is one universal principal that every successful entrepreneurs has, and that is “fail, fail, and fail” again.  I know you are saying its not that easy to become successful by failing, but that is a key element to starting on your quest to success.

I think its cool that Rolling out covers this area of successful peoples lives, but I would like to see a more detailed approach about to success for the common folks out here who are lost !

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The Four Keys to Business Success

Click here http://www.briantracy.com/influence to receive my FREE REPORT: Everyone is a Salesperson! Enjoy your free report and learn how to influence, persu…

The keys to success for start-up businesses – The Business Improver series

Successful business owners give insight into what start up businesses can do to increase their likelihood of success. Key points discussed: – What are the ma…

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Is SoleDad O’Brien Really Giving Us Black Americas News


Soledad O'Brien takes a moment to talk with Ca...

Soledad O’Brien  is a Co Anchor for CNN news. CNN has aired several shows relating to the plight of Black America. Soledad seems to be the spokes model for CNN and the mediator for Black America and its plight. Many have praised and many have criticized the reporting of the news on the situation in America concerning black folks.

Is Soledad, being an African American women herself really giving us the real deal involving Black Americans in this country? I have heard many people say that she really represents the corporations point of view, and that she really doesn’t report the struggles in its entirety of the unemployment, homeless, drug addictions and a host of other problems plaguing Black folks.

Soledad O’Brien stresses importance of diversity in – My Black News


15–In her work as a reporter, Soledad O’Brien has strived to tell the stories of populations that are rarely told. On Friday, the O’Brien produced the documentaries Black in America and Latino in America. “They all said the


Publish Date: 09/15/2012 0:00




Soledad O’Brien Unofficially: CNN’s Black in America 5 and 6


Soledad and the CNN Black in America producers are filming in Minnesota and Virginia working on installments 2012 and 2013. In Minnesota, they are covering the achievement gap and are following several boys for a year.


Publish Date: 08/14/2012 22:21




CNN Student News Special: Black in America


Story Highlights: All summer long, CNN Student News is publishing special Webcasts On today’s show, we highlight CNN Presents: Black in America Visit schools in two American cities that are targeting the dropout rate (CNN Student News) — July 28, 20…



CNN’s Black in America: Soledad O’Brien in Conversation with Diversity@Google


The Global Diversity & Inclusion team and the Black Googlers Network hosted an exclusive pre-screening and panel of CNN’s Black in America 4. What follows is the panel discussion. Panel Introduction by Michele Thornton – Sr. Director of Multi-cultura…



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Electric Vs. Gasoline Cars

Gasoline prices are going through the roof, and their is no relief in sight. Are their any alternatives to Gasoline cars ?  Gasoline vs. Electric may be the answer to our problems

buddy electric car

buddy electric car (Photo credit: shannonkringen)

when it come to driving a vehicle. Many cars like Hybrids and Electric cars are becoming more popular. Saving money on gas has become a popular topic when gasoline prices are almost four dollars a gasoline in some areas and over five dollars in others.

Electric Cars Only as Green as the Electricity Powering Them

That noted, the new report does offer some interesting latest stats on the life-cycle environmental impact of electric cars versus diesel and gasoline-powered cars that are worth committing to memory. In terms of production, the

Publish Date: 10/05/2012 13:25


California gasoline crisis shows Desirability of Hybrid, Electric Cars

The Iran crisis percolates along, and were it to worsen, gasoline prices could go sky-high (yes, I mean sky-high compared to $5 a gallon). A perfect storm of a refinery fire and temporary 11 Responses to “California gasoline crisis shows Desirability of Hybrid, Electric Cars”. Louise Helshaw says: 10/07/2012 at 5:29 am. Electric cars are awesome! I managed to build my own (well actually it was my dad) and it’s great. I save so much money it’s unbelievable. This site

Publish Date: 10/07/2012 2:39


How to Compare the Cost of Electric and Gas Cars – The Great

We recently took a look at the new electric cars that are charging into the automotive market, despite the obstacles they still face in displacing the gasoline-powered vehicles that are still king of the road. One reader raised a simple, but excellent It would be nice to see maintenance costs factored in too; such as the cost to keep an EV beyond the life of its first battery pack compared to the upkeep for a conventional vehicle. Prices. ALABAMA. October 4, 6:26 am

Publish Date: 10/01/2012 16:09


Gas vs electric car off-road race raw and unleashed

( www.TFLcar.com ) Does electric power trump gas power when the road gets rough and muddy. Can and the supremely powerful 510 horsepower Range Rover Sport beat an RC Traxxas Slash 4X4 electric car in the Colorado mountain?

Debate: Gas Cars Vs Electric and Hybrid Cars

getconnectedmedia.com – Increasing pollution and rising fuel costs, some people are moving away from gas-powered cars and exploring new transportation options like bicycling, walking, public transit and electric vehicles. GetConnected Hosts Mike Ager…

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What Is Meet Up.Com

Meet Up.com  is a great place to meet people in your chosen field and build relationships.

Image representing Meetup as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

When you are looking to gain an edge on networking and leverage you can get it with Meet Up.com . I am part of several groups from business to relationships groups. Meet Up groups are growing across the country and this is the site you need to start to leverage you way in to some relationships that may lead to a business deal, or a great relationship etc.

Meetup.com – HUCK Magazine

But thanks to community websites like meetup.com finding your tribe in the urban jungle has never been easier. These three internet groups are helping people connect in real life, no matter how obscure their passions are.

Publish Date: 08/21/2012 7:56


Social Media for Business: Meetup.com

In contrast to other social media tools like Facebook or LinkedIn, the primary purpose of Meetup.com isn’t to connect and interact online – rather, it’s specifically designed to help people connect in person, in real life (what a

Publish Date: 03/01/2011 11:00


How do I use Meetup.com?

Howdoi5.com Exclusive Video Tutorial – Meetup (or Meetup.com) is an online social networking portal that facilitates offline group meetings in various localities around the world. Meetup allows members to find and join groups unified by a common inte…

How To Market Your Business Using Meetup.com

Source: OpenSourceMarketer.com During this week’s Open Source Marketer webinar we discuss how you can use Meetup.com to promote your business both online and in person. We discuss our experience with creating and managing a group and we’ll share tips…

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Does Bony and Skinny Make A Model



The standard look for most models seems to be bony and skinny in the modeling world. I have not seen many full figured or thick built women who make it modeling. Why do  major modeling companies seem to only hirer skinny and bony when there are a lot of women who don’t fit the skinny profile ? How often have you seen a commercial where the guy or gal looks unhealthy. What is it about modeling that only the skinny and bony survive ?

100 Percent of What You See In Fashion Magazines Is Retouched

Or they swap out a model’s legs onto a different actress’s photo. In some cases, very thin models have been altered to look less bony. Some heavier models are ‘adjusted’ to look thinner. Models with skin problems are simply

Publish Date: 10/22/2012 16:25


Health NOT to Health NUT: Curvy Girl Inspiration: Sara Ramirez

While I want to be thin, I have never aspired to be one of those skinny and bony models. I understand that some girls naturally have bodies like that, and they are still beautiful-but I will always be curvy-and I’m perfectly happy

Publish Date: 10/23/2012 13:40


Too Skinny to Strut?

Super thin backlash puts supermodels and designers on the defensive

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How To Be A Successful Female


I have a bone to pick with you women about what you view success to be. I’m sure you, just like me, have been watching all your  favorite reality TV shows like Love and Hip Hop, Atlanta House Wives, Basket Ball Wives, and a host of other shows that have you all acting an ass for a few dollars. Many women of all races have been given this false illusion that a successful female is pulling her clothes off on TV, shaking her ass, cussing her family and friends out and fighting other women etc.

The question I would like to pose to the female population is what is a successful women ?  Do you need to do any of the above to get your fame and fortune, or can you logically work your way up the ranks to get to your goal ? In order to get what we call success by most standards people (man and women) feel like they have to show their ass to get some paper (money)  to get rich. I would like to give you ladies some simple tips or advice on how to be successful if you don’t mind.

Tips and strategies for the successful women

1. Act like a lady at all times – this is very important because no one can say you showed your ass when shit hits the fan

2. talk and use proper English – the goal here is to let people know you are educated even if you know how to talk slang, or  didn’t attend a university which will give them a greater appreciation for your intelligence.

3. Dress to impress – Image is everything and people always feel the need to respect a classy lady

4. When starting to move toward your goals  write them out so you can see like a road map where you are going

5. Find and industry or niche your want to be successful in and begin to research that industry

6. Get out to events and network network network – its all about building relationships

7. When trying to gain fame or build your brand stay consistent so people continue to see you doing your thing on a regular basis.

8. When trying to gain fame – use social media like Facebook Twitter Youtube LinkedIn to build popularity

9. Learn the Art of Negotiations and how to ask for what you want with out selling your self short

10. Stay consistent

11. Control your emotions and learn to think logically

12. If you are involved in the entertainment industry you should learn to walk away from a deal if it means giving up some coochie or doing some tricks for money. Always remember that deals will come and will go and you can’t get all the money.

13. Save 25% of your income from your  job. You should be putting something back every week or two weeks from your paycheck etc. ( you want to create emergency fund for rainy days)

14. Stay in shape – you should be trying to exercise 2 to 3 times a week along with eating the right foods. Also, Increase your water intake cut back on red meat  reduce the amount of sugar you take in.

15. Get plenty of Rest

16. Pray

this is a list of things that I think will make a female success in her endeavors I look forward to your comments


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From $0 to $100 million in Sales – Tips for Successful Business Women and Women CEOs Part 3

Click to view our video vault at www.ceowomensclub.com — A conversation with Shelley Boyce who took a company from 0 to $100 million in sales. From a corporate leader to successful entrepreneur. Women CEOs and successful business women can learn fro…


Professional Wardrobe for Women: Creating a Successful Business Image : Age Appropriate Suit: Professional Wardrobe for Women

Learn fashion tips and advice on how to develop a professional wardrobe for women, including business style and more in these free how to videos.


Diva Successful Business Women Entrepreneurs teach other women Success

www.1shoppingcart.com Diva Successful Business Women Entrepreneurs teach women to be Million $ successful. Diva Success Secrets. www.1shoppingcart.com


Day 37/120. How a Successful Business Woman Should Dress.

Truly Easy and Effortless Results. So easy, you don’t even know they’re working! The results I’ve been getting are sometimes so whisper quiet, coming in and changing how I’m being in the world, that I forget that I was a different way before! It’s su…


Self Confident Women founder – Glenise Anderson

Glenise Anderson, founder of Self Confident Women, shares her top 5 tips on how to become a successful business woman.

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Black People Meet Aint Serious About Dating

If you are black and single inside the black community you probably have heard of the site Black People Meet. The site focuses on black singles meeting one another, in hopes of finding someone who is a match after viewing their dating profile. The site seems to be making a lot of noise, because their are thousands maybe even millions of users who pay monthly fees to use the site. I have used the site and have meet some cool folks, but my problem is that there doesn’t seem to be enough serious people on the site who are actually interested in dating one another. I have heard from women that the men do all kind of lewd acts to gain the the women’s attention. A lot of women are over whelmed with the amount of inbox messages they receive from guys who are interested in dating them.

In my personal opinion, from a male perspective, it seems like their are a lot of women who are not serious about meeting someone who could be their potential mate. Most women seem to come to your profile page, and look but don’t engage in conversation. It almost seems like the women are only on the site just to get attention and nothing else. I can’t tell you how many women have came to my page and have looked several times and not so much as said hello. I know you’re wondering if I’m unattractive, and I’m not, so don’t even try it …lol. I really just feel like the men and women on the site are not seriously looking to build a quality relationship.

I think Black People Meet should set some new rules or guidelines that allow for people to really meet and engage with one another. It really is a shame that all those beautiful people are not hooking up and making a match.

BlackPeopleMeet.com Sign Up Commercial

BlackPeopleMeet.com Sign Up commercial Transcript: To sign up for BlackPeopleMeet.com, it took me two minutes I uploaded a picture and before you know it, I had 3 matches The quality of the people I meet on BlackPeopleMeet.com I would say has been su…

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Magic City is Recession Proof

Magic City, the most famous strip club in the city of Atlanta still seems to be going strong. The economy doesn’t seem to effect the strip club business. McDonald is recession proof, and so is the strip club business. I think  Magic City with it’s elite clientele is doing very well in a down economy.  You never really hear to many strip club owners talk about

Strip Club Customers Seated at Tip Rail

Strip Club Customers Seated at Tip Rail (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

closing the clubs as a result  of not making enough revenue. Now I’m sure that there are some clubs who can’t make ends meet, but for the clubs that are at the top of the food chain things seem to look pretty sweet.

Magic City seems to always have a packed house during those peek hours.  Magic City keeps the best girls in the house   dancing to make that money. A formula for success I guess is what Magic City has on its book because only the best athletes, entertainers, and movie stars goes to Magic City. A club like Strokers also does well in the city but it doesn’t have the clout of a Magic City. Magic City just like McDonald is here to stay and so is the business of stripping.

Do I Have to Go to Strip Clubs With My Man? |

Since my Formspring account and email inbox filled up with questions about strip clubs late Monday night, I’m guessing a lot of readers watched the season two premiere of La La’s Full Court Life on VH1. La La Vazquez-Anthony was shown He can unwind with the fellas when the plan isn’t to head to Sue’s Rendezvous in New York City, Magic City in Atlanta or King of Diamonds in Atlanta (or wherever you are based). He’ll be all the more willing to skip a night out

Publish Date: 03/22/2012 2:44


The Economy: Economic woes have more women turning to the strip

But Leilani Burkhead’s got her work cut out for her. It’s 9 p.m. on a weeknight, time to hit the stage at Atlanta’s Magic City strip club. But that hasn’t slowed the would-be dancers lining up to apply for the $350 permit to work in the city’s 19 clubs, Atlanta police say. Among the usual aspiring actresses and Click here to read the full article. Posted in: Is This Really Want Its Come To?, …..





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Who Is CNN’s Michele Thorton

Michele Thorton is working for the African American community perspective. She is the head of of multi-cultural sales at CNN. She works wit advertisers in how they speak to communities of color when advertising products and services. Michele showed CNN  how to monetize content to people of color and CNN came right on board. She was awarded the Ad Color Awards for her achievement in the area of sales at CNN. She is proving that people of color for years to come will be represented in the proper way in the sales and advertising department.

The CNN Center in Atlanta.

The CNN Center in Atlanta. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The 5th Estate: CNN: The News in Color

This past week, I talked to Michele Thorton, CNN’s Director of Multi-Cultural Sales, at a CNN industry immersion in New York City. She stated that 40 percent of CNN’s viewers were minorities. As America’s population becomes

Publish Date: 02/07/2010 16:29


ADCOLOR AWARDS ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT : Michele Thornton – 2009 Honoree

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